Grow your community without killing your vibe

PlusOne is a token mechanic that lets your holders mint and gift access to whatever aspects of your community you wish.

The tokens are independent of your collection, so you can build your community without diluting your supply.

PlusOnes can always be recalled by the primary token holder, making them the safest way to onboard new users to your web3 community

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How we squeeze the magic sauce

PlusOnes are a collection of token-gate functions rolled into an ERC-721 smart contract. Here’s the flow:


Create a PlusOne contract and assign it to your collection.


Determine what PlusOne tokens can access and set up your token gates. Private channels, special discounts, whatever you want these new community members to see.


Holders use the PlusOne Dashboard to mint, send, or recall their PlusOnes and introduce their friends to your amazing community.


Your Community now has a simple and safe way to onboard new members to web3 with your community as their entry point

PlusOnes are just like any other ERC-721 contract, so you can use them to token-gate special discounts, access, Discord channels, whatever you’ve got!

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Grip the dashboard

In addition to the PlusOne contract, we provide a PlusOne Dashboard that allows your community to create, send, or recall tokens. We’re also happy to provide support if you’d like to build your own dashboard on your existing site.

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Shut up and take my crypto

Watch this space. We will be announcing our pricing shortly. If you’d like to be notified of our pricing plans, follow the link below.

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We know what you're thinking

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about PlusOnes. If we haven’t answered it here, reach out to us.

Is PlusOne decentralized?

Once it’s created, it’s yours. PlusOne is simply a set of pre-written smart contract functions in a standard ERC-721 contract. Customize it to your heart’s content. The PlusOne Dashboard is hosted by us, but you’re free to build your own interface with the contract, and PlusOnes can also be controlled directly from the contract.

Is PlusOne open source?

You’re free to edit the contract code however you wish. If your work leverages ours we’d love an attribution. We’ve included one in the contract code.

Can we use the PlusOne logo and badge?

We encourage it! You can find those assets on Github

What does the PlusOne token look like?

We use an on-chain PlusOne badge for the token’s visual. The badge represents quality and reliability for token-gated smart contract functionality, so you can flash the badge and the community will know what to expect.

If PlusOne’s development discontinues, what happens?

The PlusOne contract is not proprietary and its ability to work does not rely on any external dependencies. So long as the Ethereum blockchain exists, so will PlusOne contracts. Should the PlusOne Dashboard, which is developed and hosted by us, ever be discontinued, your PlusOne tokens can still be controlled directly from the contract.

Ask us Anything

Who's behind all this nonsense?

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PlusOne was created by Nervous, a Web3 dev shop made of mad geniuses and ex-street performers. They’re the nerds behind Adam Bomb Squad, WVRPs, Munko, Broadside, Less Than Jake, and more. Learn more at

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