Activate your community

Have you heard about nervous? We’re a people-first agency that work wonders with Discord, the web’s best discussion platform, to build and nurture communities for brands.

We have a proven track record managing amazing brand communities of all sizes.

Could your brand benefit from having its own thriving community? Let’s dive in and find out.

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Spark discussion.
Build loyalty.
Elevate your brand.

Don’t just broadcast to your fans, build dialogue with them. Unite them for a common cause, while celebrating your brand’s culture.

Community and word-of-mouth are key to building brand loyalty. By offering a central hub for your audience, you can activate your loyal following.

Elevate your brand through genuine human connections. A dedicated community platform serves as a space to share your brand's narratives, rituals, and traditions – vital elements in shaping its culture.

nervous is here to make it all happen. We create the destination for your brand’s community, then drive engagement by moderating the discussion.

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Step 1. Initiate

We'll help you define your community mission statement, set your targets, and create your onboarding flow. Then our team will guide you through the process of creating your server architecture and train your staff to become Discord pros.

Step 2. Activate

Once you’ve used your existing channels to draw your fans to the community, we'll work with your content team to launch engagement activities, providing actionable strategies to keep your community engaged.

Step 3. Moderate

We'll tailor a moderation team and level of engagement to suit your budget. We monitor and advise on security and brand integrity risks, and provide guidance on how to safely and effectively scale your amazing community.

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Our Work

Check out what we’ve been working on right here with three case studies, showcasing our capabilities and work we've done with some of the biggest (and smallest) brands in the world.

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